Icomleavwe week

Hello ! 🙂 Happy Icomleavwe !

I will write in English during the whole week. For posts in French, you can translate them in English with the translation widget at the left.

Welcome to a TMI about me !

  • When travelling, I always buy chocolates from a chocolaterie…then I come home and I have to eat them all.  Then I feel bad.
  • When I am in PMS I clean and clean and clean. I organize, I do some nesting I imagine. This last weekend, I cooked a roast, cooked a lasagna, went grocery shopping, made banana pancakes, cleaned the bathroom, did a bit of organizing in my magazines, moved a table, moved the bookcase that I had emptied and dusted, decided to clear some books from my Amazon seller account to give them and put some other book in my account to sell, I went to the gym and went to a hula hoop class…while I had the flu.
  • Hyperactive ? No. This aspect of my personality is what’s left from my years as a bipolar. This and fits of laughter when it’s time to go to bed.
  • I am very proud that I take 12.5 lbs weights at the gym and am going to take the 15 lbs soon.
  • I am a bit obsessive about…counter cleanliness, having enough of whatever I want enough of, chocolate quality, going to the gym at least three times a week.
  • I feel weird when I buy something to eat at lunch. I think it’s guilt. There is just so much to eat at home and it costs less if I do it myself.
  • The spiders on my balcony have names because they are big and I’m about to charge rent. They are named Big Bertha, Tony and Gino.
  • I have been with my boyfriend for more than 2 years and living together since May 2009.
  • I used to not like taking photographs. I thought I wasn’t good.
  • I also couldn’t take group classes at the gym because I was too intimidated.
  • And I was too shy to wear a bathing suit in public.
  • Now, I focus on the fun I have ! 🙂
  • I love buying shoes. I just really don’t love the blisters.
  • I weigh 175 lbs. Yep. I *had* gone down to 170 but since I discovered Oxygen magazine, I use heavier weights and do full sets and reps and, well, I gained weight. There might be vacation chocolate in cause too…but it was a month ago.

9 réflexions sur “Icomleavwe week

  1. Bonjour! This is the only French word I know! Also, good on you for getting to the gym 3 times each week!

    I blog about weight loss, health and fitness (most of the time) so hope you can drop by sometime and have a read, if you feel so inclined.
    I try to write things that will help, motivate or inspire others to continue and succed on their weight loss journey.
    Best Wishes To You,

  2. Terry Elisabeth, do you speak French most of the time? If so, I’m impressed by how well you write in English. Heck, I’m impressed anyway. I’m also impressed by the weight loss!
    I, too, am a chocolate addict, but I rarely indulge in expensive chocolate … it doesn’t take much to keep me happy. And, naming spiders? That sounds so much like something I would do that it is scary to consider!

    • Thank you! I speak French all the time. I use English for work. I read English books, watch episodes in english…
      I haven’t lost weight. I gained weight ! If you refer to the 12.5 lbs, it’s the weightS. Sigh. One day, all this exercise will make me lose weight while I am in better and better shape.

  3. according to your list we have a lot in common

    i also believe you gained muscle weight. i always gain weight when i do strength training.

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