Wellness Evaluation

Today I get another wellness evaluation but from a group that does weight loss challenges.

I am going to the gym and training real hard with the weights. I am now using the 12.5 lbs dumbbells. This is a weight I have never used before. The max I had used was 8 lbs. So I’m real proud of myself.

I realized Monday that it is better for me to go to the gym alone (unless I find someone really dedicated to it) because I went with J-L and he had to quit before the first tier of the session. He said he couldn’t breathe. So I had to do less sets so I wouldn’t make him wait too long. He had gone downstairs to read while I finished my sets and my cardio. I found this frustrating.


2 réflexions sur “Wellness Evaluation

  1. i used to belong to a gym. well, my husband and i belonged to a gym and he only went like twice. we found out we can’t work out together. i wanted to stay longer than him and felt pressured to leave when he wanted to. then after a whilei i just stopped going. i have a semi sort of home gym so that’s good enough for me. i have never used the 12lb dumbells, still stuck on the 8’s.

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