Show and Tell : Bancs / Benches

You will see in the next weeks posts about benches and chairs.

Besides public toilets benches have become a slight obsession of mine. So I decided to enter this post in a Show and Tell.A button is also on my sidebar.

I guess I love benches and chairs because they seem to be waiting for something. They have hope. I know it sounds weird but it’s just the way they make me feel. And when I see someone on a bench I feel like I see a moment in time for that person or this family. Often people sit and look away, they are thinking about something, taking a break. I feel I can see a secret side of them. When someone is thinking and they don’t know they are being watched, their face is not the same as their public face.

Ok now I managed to creep me out. 🙂

Une réflexion sur “Show and Tell : Bancs / Benches

  1. Oh I love this post. I love sitting on a bench too. It’s like time stops for a moment. And feeling hope is always a wonderful thing.

    Thanks for showing and telling !

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