Another cross-borders exchange please !

A few months ago, I had a cross-borders exchange with Elizabeth and now, I would like to do another one ! I thought this exchange was so much fun and I want another fun exchange!!

Is anyone interested in receiving a nice package and sending me one ? I love sending surprises and I love receiving some as well !

I have chosen products made in Québec and Canada already. 🙂


6 réflexions sur “Another cross-borders exchange please !

  1. I tweeted the same thing yesterday! I had so much fun with our exchange, I think it’s time for another. Now I just need to find a willing Canadienne… 🙂

  2. This sounds fun! I’m not sure what a cross-borders exchange is… sending little gifts that were made in your town that the person can’t get in theirs? If I didn’t have to spend all of my money on schoolbooks next week, I’d definitely take part 🙂

    • It is sending stuff we can’t get across the borders or in some cases, sending stuff we have but with different flavors or made differently. Too bad your money was spent on those books. Maybe next time ! 🙂

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