Self interview



What’s up ?

Not much

Really ? Why isn’t the August Icomleavwe badge on your blog ?

Last month I barely had time to comment and it made me feel disappointed about myself and this month I will be gone for 4 days during the Icomleavwe week. I can’t make all the comments in the few days left.

Where are you going ?

I’m going to Québec with C.

How is she doing ?

I wouldn’t know. I haven’t seen her in a while. She has an insane schedule at work and she’s looking for another job and she has a boyfriend.

You are rationalizing, aren’t you ?



Because I’m angry that she does that all the time. And I know I’m unfair about it. She really is busy and really has no time.

What makes you so angry then ?

It’s always the same thing. I have to call her or ask her to do something. Since she has a boyfriend, I feel like she waits for him by the phone (which she doesn’t) and I’m always last. I hate it. When I talk to her about it she says she will do better, she will ask me to do stuff. But she doesn’t. My rationalization is what makes me wait for her. Patiently.

Although your patience is nearing its limits.


What are you doing about it ?

I’m hoping our vacation will bring us closer together and I have started a friend quest.

Friend quest ?

Yes. I am trying to see if looking for friends is the same thing as looking for a boyfriend. Can I apply the same strategies ?

Can you ?

That’s what I am examining. I have registered on web sites and have started going to activities. I think that I am not making real friends at work, my rela life friends are busy with boyfriends and babies. I’m not making friends at the gym either, I’m concentrating on my weights. So maybe activities that I like will attract other people who like that too.

What activities ?

I have been to breakfast at Cora’s and I have been to the Ceramic café. This was done with the first website I registered at. I used Meetup as well as suggested by Elizabeth. This afternoon I am going to a drawing class.Another web site I registered with is for women only and I have not RSVPd to any activities yet because my schedule is full. I’m waiting for Fall.

Have you met interesting people ?

At breakfast no. One guy I already knew but the other one was weird (he kept looking at my décolleté and he talked too loud, he had no social skills, he even started reading the newspaper before the meeting was concluded). At the ceramic café I met a French woman vacationing here and she was quite nice. Very calm. We had moments of silence while we did our ceramic painting and we talked about men, our exes and all that. It was nice. She is coming to my eating cupcakes activity next week. Too bad she is going back to France at the end of the month.

Do you feel like it’s online dating ?

The weird guy made me feel this way and this other website I was using. I deleted my account this morning because everyone was called a friend on the website but it felt like an online dating service and I had only one woman send me an email. Only men voted on my profile or picture. Blargh.

So you are going to a drawing class today ?

Yep. I have to buy a drawing pad, I haven’t used one in years but I still have my charcoal pen. It’s a model class with vin et fromages. Relaxed. I hope I can go.

Why ?

I have blisters under my two feet near the toes. I walked too much with new flipflops that looked very promising. I should stick to what’s known and trusted : Crocs.

Ouch. Why didn’t you buy Crocs this time ?

I went to the store on Ste-Catherine and they didn’t have flipflops anymore. So I bought two pairs (2?!) at the massotherapy place I went to this week. I shouldn’t have…