Sweet Shot Tuesday

This is what my mom gave me for my birthday because I’m going to have braces eventually. She thought I would have them today so she gave me these this weekend. But today is caries. Next time, reparations to broken teeth and older plumbage. Weird translations. Cavities and broken teeth and whatever. You know what I mean, right ?

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I took this picture with my dad’s camera, a Canon PowerShot S2 IS. I have it for a few months until my parents got to Japan. When they come back, he might give it to me.

My parents were late for the pique-nique because my mom took lots of time choosing the candy. 🙂


8 réflexions sur “Sweet Shot Tuesday

  1. Oh, my gosh … those candies look delicious! I can almost taste them. I hope your birthday was a happy one! And, I hope you didn’t gain 10 pounds eating that candy. You shared, didn’t you?

    • I didn’t put on 10 pounds…yet. I shared some but since my boyfriend is at school at night when I eat sugary things like that I mostly eat it myself. However, I still have more than half of what I got.

  2. My son is here saying, « Candy, want some! » That’s a good shot. I’m fresh out of my braces and I think I missed gum more than candy the whole time I was in them. Anyway, great shot, beautiful color.

  3. Cate dit :

    Love the colours in this – and my daughter will empathise with you, being in her 8th month of braces 🙂

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