Booking Through Thursday : Beach Buddies

Which fictional character (or group of characters) would you like to spend a day at the beach with? Why would he/she/they make good beach buddies?

I think it would be fun to spend a day at the beach with Sookie Stackhouse (she loves sunbathing and reading). I would also invite Elizabeth Bennett because she is so calm and collected (and she loves reading). We wouldn’t have to talk all the time and we wouldn’t have to play volleyball.

I think Stephanie Plum would be a great addition just for the craziness she would bring, the gossip she would have to share and maybe because…Ranger and Joe wouldn’t be too far. But Lula would surely come along…oh well. The more the crazier, right ?

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  1. We think along the same lines. Since I am not a beach kind of a person, I would need people who could entertain me.

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