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It’s so hot here in Montreal I almost didn’t open the computer. Pffffft.

This is a cute church in Verdun. My boyfriend and I like it because of this next shot…Nope we never entered. We are not religious in a house of worship way. My boyfriend’s family is very conventional but he isn’t religious at all. My family is not religious and I’m spiritual. I will enter this church one day. I like going in, the silence, the light. It’s the best place to think and feel. All my defenses go down and I have been known to melt down at a pew. Of course, I have been known by me and any worker in the area. I usually go in when there is no service. I wouldn’t do that during a service !

I’m sorry if some of you are shocked by the way we live but religion has no hold on Québécois anymore (since the 60s mostly but before that Québécois people were very religious, resentful and disillusioned but religious). I am not married and it probably will not happen. My mom and her boyfriend are not married and they had my little sister. None of my sisters are married and none of my friends. My nephew isn’t even baptized (to my growing anxiety I have to say).

It’s Rapunzel’s tower !! If you don’t know who Rapunzel is, I’ll tell you in a future post. 🙂


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  1. I love Rapunzel’s story.
    I know what you mean about churches. I am spiritual but not religious. I enjoy being in the quiet of a church. I also love to hear the singing, especially at Christmas.

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