You Capture : Chairs

For this week’s photo challenge we could choose between green, chairs and hands. I have been in love with benches and chairs for a while now. Empty seats. To me they tell a story.

For You Capture, I knew exactly the chairs I wanted to show you so the day I saw my friend S. and we went for poutine, I took advantage of the fact that we were near Parc Lafontaine. I knew where they were and I was a bit afraid that the city would have taken them out because they put up lots of Bixi stations. But they were there !

So I present you the chairs from Parc Lafontaine. Public art ! Michel Goulet’s chairs can be seen in multiple places in Montreal and I have seen them also in Québec, near the Via rail station.

There is an object under every chair.

Michel Goulet : Les leçons singulières (volet II) par Dave Plourde, a student at UQAM. In French.

Michel Goulet, Canada Council for the Arts, in English

Michel Goulet, personal web site, in French and English


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    • I’m sure they signify something but I don’t know what. I would have to research this. But they mean something to me. What I love about chairs and benches is that they hold something or someone, they are a refuge in a way and they also hold emptiness, solitude, hope. They seem to be waiting. They look like they are forgotten companions, left hastily behind and forever awaiting the return of someone or something.

  1. Cool artwork! I love your pictures but I really love your comment above about what the chairs mean to you. Was the plaza there built for the display or did the artist just make use of the available space?

    • This art was ordered by the city at the start of the Plan d’action en art public de la Ville de Montréal in the 90s. The Léo-Ayotte belvedere is older than the art on it (I think). The park was inaugurated in 1874. The chairs were installed there in 1991. So the artist took advantage of the space he had there.

  2. What a cool place to find chairs! We ate poutine today (even though we live in the U.S.). They had it at Whole Foods market for Canada Day!

  3. Nice shots! I used to work with a lady who was fascinated with chairs. She had the most beautiful broaches, scarves, desk ornaments, etc.

  4. Fascinating. I like to see how chairs are arranged. I wish I could find the old fashioned kind of loveseat where you sit side by side but facing opposite directions.

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