You Capture : Get Down Low

Hello, hello !

This week’s challenge was Get Down Low. First of all, I had to find out what that was exactly.

So I googled ! Here and Here. I’m happy I found answers because I was « dekessé?! » which means « What the ? » in Québécois.

I loved getting down low already. It turns out I just didn’t know what I was doing. 🙂 Seriously, doing this challenge every week plus Mono Monday and Sweet Shot Tuesday, seeing all those awesome pictures from everyone just makes me want to by a new fancy camera. I have a Kodak Easyshare and I love it. It’s simple, easy and small. I don’t worry about the camera too much, it’s a 100$. I can buy it back again if I lose it, break it. But spending 400$ and more…this actually worries me. I have never put that kind of money on anything apart from airplane tickets and a washer and dryer.


After viewing what others are showing I see I didn’t get down low enough. I should have been on the floor. It would have made great captures of dust bunnies. Oh let’s try it since I am updating the post…

Never mind that. I just did get down low and saw some friends. I had to get down low to wipe the floor with some bleach. My boyfriend is in charge of the trash…he missed something. I bleached the balcony also and the trash can. Bleurk. Disgusting.


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  1. I would love a fancy camera too, but I think I would break it. Great photo though, what was for dinner?

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