So…How are you today?

Isn’t it amazing how people don’t want to know how you are doing today ? It’s not hard to ask « how is it going ».

But people cringe inside, they fear the answer. Not because they don’t want to know. But because they fear they will not be able to say the right thing if you don’t feel good or you’re sad or angry. They fear they don’t have the appropriate response.

What if I « wake up » something ? What do I say if she confides that she’s feeling under ? What do I do if she cries ?

My mom is one of those. She doesn’t ask me how I’m doing because she worries I will say it’s going bad and she won’t know what to say or what to do. Instead, I’m left hanging there, talking about nothing instead of having a real conversation.

A real conversation.

About feelings.

Of course, it means the person being asked should be able to respond something other than « I’m fine, thanks ». This is the socially accepted response to everything. I’m good, I’m fine. No questions asked, no anxiety, no intimity.

How do you feel today ?

Tired ? Sad ? Frustrated ?

Happy ? Elated ? Hopeful ?

So I’m asking you. How are you feeling today ?


4 réflexions sur “So…How are you today?

  1. I am feeling really happy. I exercised hard and since I finished, I feel this nice happiness warming me.

    I am feeling energized and accomplishing things too, like catching up on blog reading.

    What a delight to have you ask this and especially on a happy day.

  2. oneladyintheworld dit :

    tired, and I don’t want to talk but i don’t have the choice and I want to eat junk food

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