Sweet Shot Tuesday

Sweet Shot Day

It’s Sweet Shot Tuesday time ! Click on the button to participate or to visit other amazing bloggers !

For this week’s shots…food again. 🙂
First, Greek Quinoa Salad from the Oxygen Special on Abs, Spring 2010.

Second shot, Goodbye Men, Hello Dolly Squares from the Happy Baker book. Third recipe I have made from the book, second one that wasn’t complete. This recipe is the same one from here. BUT with different amounts which meant that when I pulled it from the oven, it DID NOT look like it should. It looked mostly like a pan of Eagle Brand with bits poking from under it. I was checking for defaults in the recipe so I wasn’t surprised. So I piled more stuff on the squares and put it back in the oven 5 minutes. So after all that, it looked a lot more yummy :


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  1. This food looks so amazing, and definitely something up my alley as I am a Vegetarian. Thanks for the share. I will give these a go one day. 🙂

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