Grateful Monday

  1. It’s so easy to find True Blood episodes to download.
  2. Job went well today.
  3. I weighed myself at 173.1 this morning which is better than the week before last.
  4. I have an appointment for a physical evaluation at the gym in two days.
  5. In two days, it will be 2 years since J-L and I started going out.
  6. Summer work schedule started today ! No Fridays until end of August !
  7. There were no lineups and not a lot of people at the beach Saturday.
  8. My mom doesn’t have cancer. I learned yesterday that she had some tests and she didn’t want to tell us because she didn’t want to worry us. WELL WORRY MEEEE !!!! I want to know what’s going on, I want to know people can talk to me and if she would have told me I would have called to wish her luck and I would have thought about her. Tsk. Silly woman. She doesn’t have cancer so YEEEE!
  9. This morning, the alarm didn’t wake me up. The sound of my boyfriend making me coffee did. He’s so charming !
  10. I’m a good cook !

2 réflexions sur “Grateful Monday

  1. Ahhh- my dad did the whole call me and tell me he didn’t have cancer and I was like………uh I didn’t know you thought you had cancer. Parents. Glad everything is good! I had a mini cupcake the other day and immediately wished it was full sized.

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