Sweet Shot Tuesday

It’s Sweet Shot Tuesday time !! Go over there to see what others are showing. There are amazing photographers out there.

It’s the first time I use the halo effect. I’m not a big fan of effects but it was appropriate here. I’m a fan of saturation and shadows.

This picture was taken at my boss’ house near Sherbrooke. I had fun walking around and taking pictures. It was so beautiful and green. Yesterday was Mono Monday and I used another photo but I put it in b&w…but I prefer colors. Life is colorful.🙂

Psst the halo effect is very small in my picture ! I used it a bit, a tiny bit.

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6 réponses à “Sweet Shot Tuesday

  1. It’s beautiful. I can’t even see the halo effect, obviously I am missing something or am mixing up halo effect with something else (likely).

  2. What a pretty trellis. I love ivy and I totally love the light. So pretty!

  3. It looks like a beautiful place. I love that comment, btw. « Life is colorful. » Yes it is.

  4. Lovely… love all the shades of green. I don’t know what the halo effect is?? Guess I will have to look it up and give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sweet indeed! I love this photo; it’s very calming.🙂

  6. I prefer color too, most of the time. It’s so beautiful how the picture is framed by the shadows. I never saw that in a picture before. I don’t know what the halo effect is here either.