Mono Monday and Grateful Monday

This week’s Mono Monday is Ecstasy, not the drug. The feeling. Supermom had it right with her M&Ms. Yum.

My ecstasy came from a place around Sherbrooke that I can’t name because I am protecting someone else’s privacy. Her place would be easy to find ! I went to Sherbrooke this week for a work thing and I slept at my boss’ place in the campagne ! As she prepared dinner she told me to go take a walk. I felt like I was at my parents’ place and I had nothing to do.

Her place is wonderful ! This is the view from her porch. My pictures are not so hot in black and white so I couldn’t pick the one I really liked for Mono Monday. But this view…it made me feel like I wanted to stay there forever.

I might as well fit in my Lundi reconnaissant. So here are things I am grateful for :

  1. I had a really good time this weekend. I said to my boyfriend I would do more of his things so Saturday we went at one of his friend’s birthday party and yesterday we went at an art exhibition in a cemetary.
  2. Even though I didn’t have dinner with J. while I was in Sherbrooke, I still had time to talk with her…
  3. And by not having dinner, I took an earlier bus so I got home at 8 instead of at 11.
  4. Aunt Flo has visited on the 30th day and not on the 45th or 60th or whenever she feels like dropping by.
  5. I’m still really grateful that I’m bilingual.
  6. I just learned that an intern we had a few months back has a contract starting today (yay for him, he’s working) but mostly yay for us because when we announce another job opening this year, he will be working and he can’t apply and break his contract…so maybe the person we really want for the job will have the job !
  7. Yay for us that he’s not working at the same place I am. I really like the quiet and he’s very VERY talkative and he’s a music lover and he’s pompous about it. So when I see him I won’t want to tell him to shut up, I will be glad to say hello.
  8. My balcony is becoming so green ! So many herbs ! It’s beautiful and I feel like I keep taking some and it’s still full.
  9. Tonight I’m meeting two people who do the same job I do but at another workplace. They were looking for someone to translate their blog from French to English and I proposed myself. It’s an opportunity !
  10. It’s the start of the week and it’s a week where I will not be eating at restaurants (except tonight because I have to eat before meeting the two people) so it will be healthier than this weekend.

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  1. oh wow… you really have me wondering where this magical place is. What a beautiful view. Those little get-aways are the best. Sounds like you really enjoyed your time 🙂 Happy Monday!!

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