Feel Good Friday

I decided to try Feel Good Friday. I saw it on PurPlume‘s blog and, you know, there were the words « feel good » in it. How could I pass on something good ? on Fridays ?! So I proceeded to find out what it was. You can read it on the blog, just click on the logo or on the link for Feel Good Friday.

First of all, I’m grateful for all the bloggers out there. It’s so much fun to read you. Thank you for writing and making me laugh and making me cry.Thank you for those who comment on my blog also.  This year has been amazing. My horizon has expanded and I met really cool people online.

I remember writing in my journals as I was growing up and it has nothing to do with writing a blog and receiving a comment of support. Or a silly comment. 🙂

This week, as a prompt, I am choosing something along the lines of doing something for someone else.

Today I am supporting a friend who wants to reorient herself professionally. We will be brainstorming about her abilities and competences and what she could do. I will help her look for job sites on the net. This friend doesn’t know how to do an effective search in Google. I hope to light a fire in her about what she wants to do in the future instead of letting her moan and bitch about her current job. She was afraid to move on even though we could see in advance what her workplace would become. Rats have jumped ship way before now and she has remained. She finally understood that it was not possible to work like that but she will not complain to the authorities and I kept telling her that she could have a better paid job, a calmer place to work, nicer colleagues…and finally, she decided to jump. So I have been sending her encouragements on Facebook and in emails and tonight, we will be having some time to look at what she wants to do and what she can do.

This is what she needs. So I’m giving her what she needs : someone to look at things with her, to accompany her and reason her and comfort her and give her courage.


6 réflexions sur “Feel Good Friday

  1. What a great friend you are for helping her!

    I agree about the blog world. I started in October and it continues to amaze me, the wonderful people I have met. It just doesn’t happen like this in real life!

    Thank you somuch for patifipating in FGF!!! I love JB too!

    Also, it is fun to look at your blog – I took French in school and I am amazed I know these words!!!

    • That’s so cool ! Many blogger shave told me they knew a bit of French and it makes me glad that people like it that I blog in both languages. Thanks for creating FGF. 🙂

  2. Impressive. Please post and tell us how it goes.
    As a person who struggled with career challenges my whole life, I am interested in people’s journey’s on this trail.

  3. xjanesatticx dit :

    C’est très gentil d’aider ton amie… y’en a qui ne savent pas où se pitcher dans ces cas là… ils sont chanceux d’avoir quelqu’un pour les orienter 🙂

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