Booking through Thursday : Short or Long

Which do you prefer? Short stories? Or full-length novels?

I prefer full-length novels because short stories leave me unsatisfied. Weirdly enough I prefer TV episodes to movies. But when it comes to books ? I like details, I like having more than a few pages to get into the story.

I have read A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris recently and I loved it. But I love Sookie Stackhouse. Love is the right word, I assure you. So the short stories still left me disheveled and unstaisfied but I loved reading the book because I learned more about the character.

Usually I’m bored by short stories. Unimpressed.

Give me a novel anytime !

4 réflexions sur “Booking through Thursday : Short or Long

  1. I prefer to write short stories. I write tight and to come up with a whole novel of words is a challenge.

    For reading I like either. I love when it takes me in and won’t let me go until I am finished reading. For this reason short stories are better for leaving time for the rest of my life. Hee hee.

    • Hehe yeah I would think one would need time for the rest of life. I agree with you about the writing part. It’s very challenging to write a novel. I lose my momentum when I try, I get sucked into somethign else, etc.

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