Sweet Shot Tuesday

Sweet Shot Tuesday time !  I am so glad I got to see that while I was in Ottawa. It makes me proud of being a woman and this is very sweet !

I haven’t arranged all my photos and they do need arranging. I forgot to use my « beach » settings for sunny days so everything will need retouching.

However…talking of sweet…Shots of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory situated in the By Market. Vast display of candied apple, chocolates, caramel popcorn, seafoam, fudge, brittle…yum.


9 réflexions sur “Sweet Shot Tuesday

  1. Oh, my! You’ve got me drooling for those sweets! I love trying to get close up shots of the pastries I purchase. Sometimes you can almost see the calories!

    • It is in fact a statue of five women and you can ge the story here.
      I have biought lots of things in the shop ! 🙂 A sugar-free peanut butter cup, chocolate covered seafoam, a cherry cordial, a sweet mint…I haven’t eaten it all yet. It tastes good but I have trouble finding great chocolatiers outside the province. The portions of that shop are way bigger than those of Montreal’s or Quebec’s chocolatiers. It was a delight to visit the shop.

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