What do I bring in Ottawa ?

We are going to Ottawa this weekend for my boyfriend’s goddaughter’s birthday. She is turning 5 !

It will be our first trip where we sleep somewhere for more than one night. I find this so romantic. But I don’t know what he thinks. He comes from there so maybe it’s not really adventurous or wonderful for him. I sure hope he is excited to go with me and visit. I hope we have a great time and that we get along.

I should ask him what his expectations are except for visiting a bar that has something to do with Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I am going because I have to do what he wants sometimes. Right ? If it were up to me all we would do is read, take pictures, walk, clean, cook and go grocery shopping. I’m a solitary person and he’s a very sociable person. He needs to go out and meet people. I don’t. There is nothign wrong with being fine alone. I have friends but I don’t need to see them every week.

He’s not a big planner and I am.

So what do I bring in Ottawa…

  • An umbrella because it might rain Monday ok
  • 3 pairs of panties ok
  • My support shorts so my thighs don’t do couic-couic by rubbing together ok
  • A skirt ok
  • A cardigan ok
  • 3 tops ok
  • A nightie ok
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste ok
  • Face and body cream ok
  • Mascara, powder, sunscreen ok
  • Shampoo. conditioner ok
  • Comb ok
  • Soap and face cleaner ok
  • Black pantashort ok
  • Flip-flops ok
  • Running shoes ok
  • Guides for restaurants ok we printed the addresses
  • Train tickets and room reservation number ok
  • Gift and card J-L is taking care of it
  • Money ok
  • Android Karenina ok
  • Laptop ? no
  • Camera ok

I hope the cake is as good as last year’s. It was a Cinderella cake and it was fabulous.

I’m kind of anxious about this trip. What if we discover we can’t get along while visiting ? What if we get bored of each other ? What if we don’t think alike on the money to spend at restaurants and can’t find places we both want to eat at ? What if we have nothing to say to each other ? Anyway. I worry for nothing. Everything will go fine, we will have fun and we will come back even more in love. We will laugh and kiss and fart glitter and see rainbows and unicorns. 🙂

That man is so patient and easygoing. Nothing can go wrong. Right ?


3 réflexions sur “What do I bring in Ottawa ?

  1. You will come back with memories and knowing each other so much better. You will find the answers to all your questions.
    Have your best trip ever, complete with excellent cake.

  2. haha- my husband and I’s first trip away was our honeymoon so too late to back out if we didn’t travel well together! Luckily, it worked out and we’re taking our second trip this summer!

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