Sweet Shot Tuesday

I am so behind in my stuff. For example, I am blogging instead of finishing my coffee, my breakfast and preparing my lunch. I am supposed to be out of the house in 15 minutes. Tsk. Also, I haven’t posted about my last two awards. I don’t understand what makes this weekend so frantic for me. Oh yeah, no laptop at my parent’s. Ok.

I just now decided I would buy myself lunch instead.

So…I am participating in Sweet Shot Tuesday for the 2nd time. Ye!

Here are pictures from my parents’ backyard, the pond. It is in fact my dad’s project. My mom does the flowers, my dad (her boyfriend) does the trees, the pond, the fountains, etc. The pictures are clickable.

I really like their garden, it’s very peaceful.

Lilac nain

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  1. what a beautiful garden … great pictures thanks for sharing🙂