Fiou I came out of it alive

I was ambushed by my parents (see post of saturday) this weekend. I came out of it alive but with an urgent need of sleep and to shower.

My two sisters were there with their boyfriends and the baby was there too. At dinner, after too many glasses of wine or bottles of beer or Pineau des Charentes I got to go through the following :

  • The recounting of my sister’s labor. I did not want to hear that. EVER.
  • She asked when we were going to have kids making me feel that perhaps she wants me to join her in her private club.
  • She told me really weird stuff that I must have blocked out because really…urgh. Something to do with birth control pills, my age not being a problem, how she had the baby after 4 months of trying, balblabla. She was 30, I’m nearing 36 and we’re not even trying yet. Plus she probably had way more sex than I ever had with my boyfriend soooo…
  • My mom told how I was super fertile. How the heck does she know that ?! Is it written on my forehead ? I told her it only takes one sperm, with an ovule at the very right moment. I know how complicated it can be making a baby.It truly is a miracle, so many things can go wrong. But really, it takes a sperm and an ovule meeting at the same time. It has nothing to do with superpowers. And super fertile ? I got pregnant once in all my active sex life, I don’t call that being super fertile.
  • Fun times ! I was thinking of my fellow ICLWers and I was so grateful I was going through this and not them. Jeez. I’m not even trying yet and this talk makes me enraged. I can’t imagine being infertile and having family ganging up on me like that. I hate when they do that. My eggs are traumatized. I plan on not telling them when I am pregnant. Not before 5 months and I’ll move away and not tell them my address.

Since we were ambushed in staying there and it wasn’t planned and we were bored. J-L had not brought any books with him, we didn’t have my laptop and anyway we were trying to be nice guests. But I’m grateful I had magazines. We were forced to relax as J-L said. No change of clothes, no deodorant. And I had to sleep naked. The horror. I had to wait til I was home for a shower and fresh undies.

Yeah I hate sleeping naked, I feel too vulnerable. But the door had a lock, J-L was there and I was exhausted so I slept.

I already have my first sunburn. I already looke like a napolitan ice cream. I didn’t have sunscreen when we went out to take a walk and it was hot and sunny.

Anywho. Cheers to a great weekend. Hm.


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