Just waiting

Yep I’m just waiting.

I have been waking up at 4 all week and this morning at 5. I’m waiting for this to pass so I can sleep a bit more and be less tired and stop with the headaches.

I’m waiting for my boyfriend to finish school and find a job so we can start TTC. My first time typing these letters.

I’m in my kitchen, my boyfriend is asleep, the cat is outside. I love quiet mornings like this. Even if I live in the city, I can hear birds. My neigboorhood is quiet enough, sun is coming up. I hear cars far away, birds, the freezer.

I’m waiting before beginning breakfast but I have my mug of coffee. Waiting to go buy some earth so I can begin my balcony garden. This year I decided to try plastic bins to have enough room to grow things that need more place for the roots. Like tomatoes. I have never grown tomatoes before. I got rid of the chair and table on my balcony so I have space for the bins. I would like to plant herbs also, love herb gardens. The earth will cost a lot because I bought 56L bins and I have to buy earth where there is delivery. We have no car, no driver’s license. But I just thought I could go to Canadian Tire and take a taxi to come back. Taxi will be more expensive than grocery delivery (yes, our grocery store sells earth) but the earth will be cheaper and I will be able to buy the one I like. Cool.

Waiting for the store to open.

Waiting for my paintings to sell so I have space for other paintings. I have white canvas that is waiting to be painted upon.

I think I was waiting to be really over all of « it » before deciding on getting rid of my paintings.

Now I’m waiting for people to buy them. I already sold one and maybe a second on Facebook. I would sell them on the net except I don’t want the trouble of sending them, some of these paintings are really big and I would have to detach the canvas from the frame.

I have to think about that.


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  1. Quiet Dreams dit :

    Waiting is so hard. One of the hardest things in life, I think.

    I love your paintings, especially the second one. Good luck with selling them. 🙂


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