Damn. We have been ambushed, we have to sleep at my parent’s tonight. They prepared the room, they have face cream, fresh towels, clean sheets, and great coffee for tomorrow morning.

Are we going to come out alive ?!


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  1. You will survive. Enjoy the fresh sheets (they always smell SO fresh and remind you of when you were little), you’ll sleep like a baby and then enjoy waking up to that great coffee! It’ll leave you with a really nice memory!

  2. Thank you SO much for the comment you left on my blog! I’m looking forward to reading through yours. I want to follow, but I always have trouble figuring out how to follow WordPress…..any suggestions?

    • Yes ! You can click on the RSS button to add it to your feed. In Firefox I have a RSS reader that is very nice. The blog posts are then delivered in the feed every time there is a new one.

    • We were coming to dinner and we had not planned on staying to sleep. No face cream, no change of clothes, no toothbrush. Sigh. I really do love my face and body creams and had I known, I would have brought them. But we were also ambushed during dinner…about babies. What else. I’ll write a post on it.

  3. Sorry about the ambush.
    This is my first trip to your blog and me like. Can I visit again? Pretty please?

    Wait, does this mean I need to learn French?

    • Yes, please comme again ! You don’t need to learn French, there is a widget on the left that lets you translate in the language you want and for words that are not translatable because they are québécois, there is a kind of dictionary at the top of the blog in my pages.

  4. I’d love for you to guest post for me while I’m away 😉 You should be getting an info email shortly!

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