Sweet Shot Tuesday : Old Montreal and de Gaulle balcony

This is my first time at Sweet Shot Tuesday ! Let’s give it a try… Maybe I should concentrate on my stairs of Montreal and my versatile Blogger Award but I really wanted to do Sweet Shot Tuesday. I am going to put these other posts very soon.

I have looked for rules and I haven’t found any so if there are any, please let me know. I assumed it was open to everyone and there was no weekly subject.

I have chosen shots from Old Montreal. I have been going through them and compared to Old Québec, Old Montreal is…less old. More so since before it was decided that it should be preserved, lots of it was demolished for new buildings. It is also a lot more grey. I had never seen it before.

This last shot is a photo of the balcony where Général Charles de Gaulle pronounced is very famous discours. This was « the » historical event that sparked the whole independence movement (in my opinion). He finished his discours with « Vive le Québec libre! » and I’m no historian, I’m like any Quebecquer, the slogan « Je me souviens » doesn’t mean much but « Vive le Québec libre » is what puts tears in my eyes and fire in my belly. I’m not a politic person (I never talk about politics) but this balcony moves me, this event makes me want to paint fleur-de-lys over my cheeks, wear a superhero cape made of the flag…it makes me a sentimental fool. 🙂 To read and see more, in English s’il-vous-plaît.

So this is the balcony now, it is being renovated along with the whole building.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on Sadie. She’s a golden retriever/chow and we think she’s pretty beautiful too 🙂 Love your shots….would love to see one of you in the superhero cape!

  2. Cate dit :

    Wow – you’d swear that you were in a European city with this architecture!

  3. I so love beautiful old architecture. Unfortunately, I live in a part of the US that was settled in the 1880s, so not much really old stuff.
    Thanks for sharing a part of your world!

    Have a beautiful day!

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