Mono Monday : Motherhood

I thought it would be fun to participate in the Mono Monday this week. The subject is motherhood so it’s a challenge. I am not a mother, don’t know many mothers either. My sister has a baby but she lives a few hours away so…

I grabbed a picture I took last summer of my cousin and her son, it was the way she touched him that makes me like the picture so much.

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  1. Absolutely adorable!

  2. Thanks for stopping by!🙂
    I love the angle of that pic. Mother’s hands are so beautiful.

  3. Thanks for joining in. This month is all about Mothers but… even though you aren’t a mother you did a great job at capturing motherhood. please join us again. I hope to continue seeing what inspired you and the things you capture through the lens of your camera.

    happy Monday


  4. I did something similar for my previous entry for « i heart faces »… great minds think alike ;-P