You Capture : Yellow

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I was stumped by this week’s challenge. Yellow ? Really ?

Besides the very unoriginal dandelion, my new t-shirt, road signs and my keychain, I didn’t know what to capture.

Until I was in the subway after work.

Bikes are admitted in the first car only.

The Yellow line that goes to the beach ! And Longueuil of course.

These arrows were glued in 2009 and they are to remind people that people coming out of the car exit in the middle…so people coming in should wait on the sides. Sadly, very few people are polite enough to do that.

Angrignon, one of the few stations where you can see outside.

Au revoir !

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9 réponses à “You Capture : Yellow

  1. I love the bike sign!

  2. Oh wow. There is lots of yellow there! Way to think outside the box. Dandelions… blah!

  3. Abby

    Very cool, I like the bike sign!

  4. Bec

    I was a French teacher today and I was like, man I wish I could get online and ask Terry some questions 😉 I love your shots!

  5. anneawesome

    I’m copying abby’s comment. Again.

  6. Love the photos of yellow 🙂 I think it’s awesome that you found yellow when you were least expecting it. I love public transportation and I never really noticed the yellow that’s around me when I’m at the subway. Now I’m going to have to pay attention more 🙂

  7. Being originally from Montreal, I just LOVED seeing these!! Merci beaucoup! Ca me fait penser a ma jeunesse!

    • Je n’ai pas oublié les escaliers ! J’ai pris des photos, mais j’en veux plus avant d’écrire le post que je t’ai promis. 🙂