You Capture : Spring the 2nd time around

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This week we are revisiting Spring. Last week’s theme was also spring. So I went for a walk with J-L and took lots of pictures. Most of them were in Old Montreal which made me realized how grey Old Montreal is compared to Old Quebec.

However my spring pictures are more cheery. I took them near where I live.

Comme si le toit était en feu.

Sunsets like flames on the roofs come with spring.

We saw tulips growing in the grass. Just growing there in the middle of it like they were thrown there. Or maybe the tulip fairy flew over the grass and some tulip dust settled there.

Plants just grew through the bike. I think it’s beautiful. A mix of city and nature.

***Surprise Me got me a gospel choir when I published this post ! I loved it.

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  1. Very Pretty pictures!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Baby hasn’t made his appearance yet. Thanks! 😀

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