Honest Scrap

Purplume nominated me for this award. It means I get to write ten honest factoids about myself. Thank you Purplume for this ward !

  1. I bought a Toblerone after Christmas and I haven’t touched it until now. I looked at the calories and I am horrified but not enough not to eat it. When it’s gone, it will be gone.
  2. I think I might be on my thousandth bottle of cranberry complex just so I don’t have to pee every five minutes. Yes, it’s working.
  3. In June I might have to go to Sherbrooke for a job thing. I hope it’s true.
  4. In two months it will be time to go to the beach. We bought a ball Sunday because I want to play in the water this year instead of just swimming and reading on the beach.
  5. I didn’t do much in terms of exercise since last week. But I walked so I guess it’s okay.
  6. There was so much meat at the convention lunches and dinners that today was the first meal with meat I ate since I returned home.
  7. It’s 7 pm and I can’t wait to go to bed.
  8. I wish my boyfriend would remember to do the vacuum when I ask him. I am not doing it. He just called. He did it…weird.
  9. I wish I worked in a closed office with a door that locks.
  10. I also wish I could let the phone ring and that I could not check my emails all day without consequences (if I do that there will be a revolution).

I am giving this award to 5 persons that left comments on my blog lately :

  1. Jane
  2. TheIHeartBlog (sorry, couldn’t find your name)
  3. Myinfertilitywoes (don’t think I have seen your name anywhere)
  4. Amy
  5. Elizabeth

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  1. xjanesatticx dit :

    ♥ Merci pour le tag, je vais faire mon article probablement ce soir!

  2. Interesting. Now I know not to eat a Toblerone. It seems so much more peaceful not to have phones ringing and having your own room.

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