You Capture : Spring

This week’s theme is Sprrriiing !! To participate in You Capture, to see what others are showing.

Finally I have something green to show ! When I was in Québec, I took pictures of buds.

Also, what does spring mean to many of us who live in big cities ? TOURISM !

Château Frontenac, 6 am

Tourism in April, rue St-Jean

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17 réponses à “You Capture : Spring

  1. Ooh, I want to come be a tourist in your city🙂. Gorgeous pics1

  2. Abby

    Your city looks so lovely! I love the 2nd shot!

  3. Kim

    I agree with the tourism comment! Living in Dublin, I should have thought of that immediately! Lovely pictures!

  4. Love the Chateau ~ so colourful😀

  5. Lovely pictures. I think a trip to Quebec or Montreal would be fun.

  6. Thanks for stopping by. Without a doubt, my little one will be tasting those dandelions again. She’s a silly little thing.
    Love your « spring » pics!

  7. Beautiful!!! I LOVE Quebec!!

  8. Looking at your pictures I want to wander around your city. Very pretty!

  9. Oh, that makes me want to come and see Quebec!

  10. Bec

    I haven’t been to Canada for years- your pictures make me want to plan a trip!

  11. Wow, yes, I want to be a tourist in both Quebec and Montreal someday. So beautiful!

  12. Gorgeous! I’d love to be a tourist. Thank you for sharing these photos, so we can be virtual tourists! 😉

  13. Lovely photos. The architecture sure is beautiful up there.