Titre de blog

Je suis tannée de voir mon titre de blog tel qu’il a été créé. J’aimerais le changer. Je pense que je vais le changer. Ouin, je vais le changer.

Mon anniversaire de blog est en juin. Je pourrais le changer à ce moment là.

Suggestions ?


4 réflexions sur “Titre de blog

  1. What made you name it PandaBox 33? And what is the essence of what you’re writing about now (it sounds like it’s a bit of everything, so would try to capture a title that encompasses this… and that can be bilingual??)

    • I will have to make a bilingual title and my blog is general. I just picked the title or WordPress suggested it because of my email address.

  2. A change will do you good… isn’t that how the song goes? 🙂 Not sure I have a suggestion, but I will do some thinking and let you know! Hope you’re having a great week, girl!

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