Grateful Monday

I am not sure if I’m supposed to write Grateful or Greatful but whatever. I’m grateful that…

  1. I can take the day off because I have one sick day left and after this conference, I need it.
  2. My boyfriend had done the washing, the dishes and the vacuum and…
  3. He was waiting for me when I got off the train.
  4. The Wi-Fi was working on my trip back and at the hotel.
  5. Liberté has finally thought of making a light cream cheese.
  6. I met  someone I would like to friend on Facebook but…I’m too shy. Perhaps it could be a goal for my to do list in May.
  7. My Sookie novel does not disappoint.
  8. My Zoom Sister shoes are great for walking.
  9. It has been a wonderful weather for the past few days and I’m happy because it was supposed to rain.
  10. I am so grateful to get back to my memory foam pillow.

4 réflexions sur “Grateful Monday

  1. Now, THAT was nice. We very rarely hear anyone talking about what they’re grateful for. It’s very encouraging and I will try to make sure I think that way today.

    Thanks so much for this!

  2. I am grateful for your comment and I nominated you for an award on my post today.

    I have only gotten a video clip once so far with Surprise Me. I am looking forward to more. I have tried the humanize feature thanks.
    Thanks great you could take the day off. XD

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