I slept well last night but I was so tired today I had to take a nap and ended up sleeping two hours.

I keep thinking about the organization of this conference I went to and some things were kind of put aside. I think food is important because I am used to eat a bit during the day, meals and snacks. 3 big meals is not okay for me, I find I eat more when I don’t eat during breaks. If you ever find yourselves in the position of organizing the venue for this kind of event here are some things to think about :

  • Arrange for the members of the group to be on all the same floors
  • Make sure that the hotel advise the participants if school groups or families are on the floor
  • When discussing the food with the hotel and organizing the banquet menus, make sure that vegetarian options are included, give a choice in advance during inscription or ask the venue to ask for the person’s choice when taking orders.
  • If there is a breakfast buffet, it would be nice to have fruits that are not from a can.
  • All meat all the time is not really good. It would be nice to have portions that are reasonable, with plenty of vegetables and whole grain. It would be appreciated to have fish, quiche, or whatever is not a big slab of beef, a huge leg of pork or chicken.
  • There are breaks morning and afternoon. Is it possible to have fruits and muffins or yogourt ?

That’s it I think.


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  1. oneladyintheworld dit :

    Je seconde, c’est pas bon étirer sa faim. Après tu manges en double

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