Glee in the hotel bed

Watching Glee alone in my hotel room is the best !

Today went fine, no internet service in the train but the trip was okay. My hotel room is small and cozy, the bathroom is great. I ate filet de doré for lunch and a vegetarian pizza for dinner. The waiter suggested a kir while I was waiting for the pizza and I hadn’t eaten anything in a while…ouf. I felt it. I’m sure that if I hadn’t eaten bread after strating to dring the kir, I would have rolled to Erico instead of walking. I bought a pewter gobelet for J-L and chocolates for me at Erico’s. Yum.

The training went as well as could be expected when the person in training is 55, nearing retirement and completely freaked out by the amount of work she has to do. She asked me surely noone else was pushing into the details like I did. Hum. Yes. You got to do it. They already spoke to my boss about me coming back to help them. But S. told me that the big big boss was wondering how I had the time to come here with all the work I had to do. Pfft. I will manage.

That’s it for now, I’m tired. I will add pictures tomorrow.


7 réflexions sur “Glee in the hotel bed

    • My gym teachers were so much better that Sue but I loooove Sue. This show is one of the best shows I have seen in a very long while.

  1. Nothing better than relaxing in the hotel bed after a day’s work! There’s just something luxurious about the fact that you can relax, guilt-free, because there is no laundry to do, no bathrooms to clean…it’s glorious!

    Sounds like a pretty good trip and I’m glad you’re fitting a bit of shopping in. Always a necessity!

    Happy iclw!

    • Going to a hotel is like a trip to magicland. You get up, go eat breakfast, come back and ta-daaaaaaaaaaa new towels, the bed is made and a new soap.

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