What do I bring in Québec ?

  • Laptop with passwords to what I will be showing on the tutorial
  • Camera so I can post what I see
  • 2 books : a Sookie novel and Hunger by Michael Grant, just in case. Another Sookie. They are lighter.
  • 3 panties
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • My pink pyjama
  • Flip-flops because walking barefoot on hotel rug is a big no-no
  • Running shoes (on my feet while travelling) and work shoes
  • Plastic bags for clothes that will go in the wash and for the chocolates I will bring back (in case they melt).
  • Ulysse de Québec + map
  • Directions to the university, room number
  • Directions to the hotel from the train station
  • One pair of jeans
  • Mini umbrella because it’s supposed to rain
  • Coat, scarf, mitts Will be wearing coat and scarf
  • Pair of pants maybe No
  • 2 tops : pink cardigan, mauve and white cardigan, pink camisole and white t-shirt, Only the mauve and white cardigan, I will wear the pink one, noone will know because I won’t see the same people tomorrow and Sunday.
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face creams, eye cream, body cream, comb, shampoo, conditioner, soap
  • Confirmation of reservations
  • Train tickets
  • Money : Visa, debit card
  • If there is space in my luggage, sports clothes because there is a gym in the hotel. While I’m there I will be missing 2 workouts.
  • Psychology book and homework guide.

15 réflexions sur “What do I bring in Québec ?

  1. oneladyintheworld dit :

    tu déménages ? hahaha (blague)
    Sans farce, moi aussi j’ai commencé mes bagages et la notion  »voyager léger » est difficile à saisir.
    J’ai écrit plusieurs billets, un qui est extrêmement long, tu iras au toilette avant de le lire

  2. i see you mention a sookie book … is that the true blood series?
    if so, have i got a book for you … it’s called ANGELOLOGY by danielle [i think that’s the first name] trussoni.
    whoa boy … what a ride this book is.

  3. This list is hilarious because I traveled to Chicago for work this week and had nearly the exact list!!! Including the parts about it potentially raining (brought an umbrella, rain jacket) and I brought my yoga clothes, too, of course.

    I LOVE Quebec City!!! I studied at Laval for a trimester 15 years ago. I’m so jealous. While I’ve been back to Mtl a bunch, I haven’t made it back to QC and desperately need to, especially now! Hope it’s been great for you! (My Chicago trip has been great for me!) 🙂

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