Surprise Me

I had another standing ovation while I published my post. I found the New York Times article where they talk about this Surprise me thing.


Their idea, one that might seem a little esoteric to the nonblogging populace but that drew a hearty round of applause when introduced on Saturday, was to create a new function on WordPress called “Surprise Me. (Funmode),” so that when a blogger hits the publish button — an act that Mr. Roth described as a moment of great existential loneliness, “like sending the bottle out to sea” — a random congratulatory video suddenly fills the screen. (The example they showed on a large screen was a heartwarming slow-clap locker-room clip from the movie “Hoosiers.” Mr. Mullenweg and Mr. Roth also collected feel-good video from “The Price Is Right,” “American Idol” and the Beijing Olympics.)

They described their creation as an “emotional plug-in,” a virtual artwork to celebrate the “sacred act of publishing,” which the Web has transformed as fundamentally as Gutenberg did and which is, in turn, transforming society. After some highly anti-climactic code programming by Mr. Mullenweg and a lot of cackling by Mr. Roth, who sat with his earphones in, compiling clips — “there’s way too much happiness on the Web,” he said at one point — the two finished their project at 3:30 Saturday morning and introduced it on WordPress, announcing its existence by blog, mostly to users in Europe and on the Indian subcontinent, who were awake. »

Wouhouuuu !! I activated this yesterday and I like it. A mini heart attack when I publish.


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  1. I don’t think I could stand that excitement, lol! I prefer to publish my posts and then go hide to see if anyone reads them. I can see how it would be entertaining, though, if one were brave enough to use the plug-in.

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