You Capture : Fresh

You Capture is hosted at Keli’s again this week. Look at what everyone is showing for this week’s You Capture !

I was puzzled by this week’s challenge.

Fresh bread, a fresh cup of tea, fresh cut flowers ?

Newly laundered sheets ? Meat from the butcher’s ? Fresh fruit ?

A shirt from the cleaners ?

Nope…fresh-bloomed flowers and fresh cupcakes ! Yippee !!

This hyacinth was given to me by my mother. Beautiful. But at the moment, no flowers remain. I’m glad I took pictures.

Yum. Chocolate-coconut cupcake from Les Glaceurs. I hope to write a post soon about the cupcakes I have eaten there. As my cousin said to me, they are the best in Montreal.


10 réflexions sur “You Capture : Fresh

  1. oneladyintheworld dit :

    Thanks pour la référence, j’ai pleins de post en tête pour mon blog, la semaine prochaine, je vais respirer, donc je vais avoir le temps, tes photso sont hot pis celle du cupcake elle est trop belle, l’angle est parfait

  2. I love to smell hyacinths and that cupcake is calling to me. Di you have any bakeries that make les religeux, (sp.?) I loved eating them in Paris. They look like little round monks.

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