You Capture : Comfort

Today’s subject for You Capture is Comfort ! For the second week, You Capture is hosted at Keli’s.

Let’s see what I got…

Montreal is comfort to me. I love walking around, I always feel like it’s familiar but new at the same time. I feel like a tourist. But Montreal makes me feel comfortable. Things are easy here, I never run out of places to go to, the city is ugly and beautiful at the same time.

I also bake comfort. When my friends are sad, when I’m stressed, when I have to take the edge off, I bake. Last night I baked for a friend that told me of her breakup and how it was hard for her and her daughter who got attached to this man. I felt sad and I knew they were so I baked them cookies. But this picture is of muffins, not cookies.

And of course, my cat. My cat pictures comfort to me. Soft and warm and he purrs or chirps. Perfect.

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13 réponses à “You Capture : Comfort

  1. Bec

    cookies and kitties is the ultimate comfort🙂

  2. i’m a comfort baker too. and now i’m hungry. thanks alot.😉

  3. Great captures! I espcially like the cat!

  4. ooh yummy looking muffins! love the shape!

  5. Karli

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I was an only child, so when I see my kids together…it just melts my heart. Your pictures are fantastic too! Love that first one especially! 🙂

  6. Great shots…its so interesting to see what is comforting to everyone.🙂

  7. Baking relaxes and comforts me too! Love your kitty, it looks so comfy!!

  8. muffins look so good….
    but I love your kitty!!!!

  9. The first photo is just beautiful and the muffins are mouth watering!

  10. Oh I love your cat! Your photos are beautiful…

  11. My maternal ancestors came from Quebec. I never have been there, yet.
    I feel comforted just reading your post, merci’.

    • I just saw on your blog that you participate in many carnivals and memes so I put your blog in my feed because I was looking for some more ! Merci to you!

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