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I wish I had a new pedicure to show off but my pedicure is weeks and weeks old. A. did it with a new gel polish that lasts very long. But my nails have grown and it doesn’t look very good. Next week I am going to ask her to remove it. Ordinary nail polish remover doen’t work.

Feet. I love feet.

Fountain feet ?

My cat’s feet and the feet of a fountain. I translated from French, au pied de la fontaine. I wanted to put a photo of my foot but it seemed indecent somehow. This indecence makes me feel weird. I love feet, there is something really vulnerable and sweet about them.I love my feet. Oh well, my next pedicure maybe…


13 réflexions sur “You Capture : Feet

  1. I have the same feeling about feet. I had a picture for ages of my best friend in college and me posing with just our feet. It was imperfect and cool in that way. Feet are functional and yet very personal!

  2. Abby dit :

    I’ve never heard of gel nail polish! If it lasts longer than the traditional stuff, I’ll be on the lookout.

    • pandabox33 dit :

      Yep it lasts weeks longer and stays bright and impeccable. But nails grow so the nails are not entirely covered for the whole time that this polish lasts and it isn’t removable with ordinary nail polish remover.

  3. First post I’ve seen so far that doesn’t have baby feet!

    I love your interpretation for the topic! I would have never thought about the feet of a fountain! I also love the picture of your cat’s feet. I love cat feet. They have that soft padding that makes it so nice to rub (when they let you) 🙂

  4. i love the fountain. i wished at one point this week that i had a table or bathtub with beautifully carved feed that i could capture. alas, i do not, so i had hoped instead that someone else would take the theme in that direction. you did it. [& you did it beautifully.]

  5. You can get gel nailpolish off with a remover that has acetone in it. I buy mine at walmart or the drug store. A beauty supply store would carry it too, of course.

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