The neighbor’s baby is born

Last year I had a couple in the apartment next to me. They were yellers and she was pregnant and she had the baby and it was worse. Not because of the baby but they would sing very false, give the bath late at night while I was trying to sleep, it was a nightmare. They made enough noise to make me panick thinking someone was in my apartment.

Then, last July, another couple moved in their place. Of course, she was pregnant. I was wondering for months is she had the baby or not. I never hear the baby cry.

In fact, it’s the first time I hear « it ». I don’t know the sex. I saw baby clothes on their clothesline this week and I can hear her chatter. She has a high voice. And at the moment, she’s talking to someone, don’t know who and the baby is crying…no stopped crying…and she’s giving « its » bath I guess, the water is running.

So the baby has arrived.


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  1. oneladyintheworld dit :

    ah le voisinage…le mien m’apporte pleins d’intrigues croustillantes

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