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This was the morning I was coming back to Montreal after a few days in Halifax last summer. I was waiting to catch the bus that would bring me to the airport. I had to pee all the time, I wasn’t taking cranberry complex yet. But I still drank a coffee while waiting. It was quiet and early in the morning on a Sunday. Nothing was opened yet and most stores would not open.

I was very lucky during my short vacation because there weren’t many sunny days last summer but during my vacation I had rain only when I arrived in Halifax. The other days were sunny and hot.

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  1. I like quiet momentsike that.

  2. Bec

    I have had the traveling bug lately!

  3. I sympathize with the pee issue LOL. Still can’t make it through a movie…

    • pandabox33

      I haven’t been to the movies in a while. Before taking the cranberry complex, I could go to the restroom three times before, during and I still had to go after. Ungh.

  4. I love your green luggage. Montreal is beautiful and your first shot really captures some of the beauty we tend to over look in big cities.

    • pandabox33

      These shots were taken in Halifax🙂 But if you look at my posts from two weeks ago, I have shots of Montreal.

  5. Having to pee makes seconds feel like an eternity.

  6. I love that first photo. It seems so peaceful…. but you know the streets will be crowded in a few hours.

  7. Love the luggage and especially your luggage tags! How cute!