Grateful Monday

  1. The Wave machine is making me stronger, I can feel it !! It’s a TechnoGym cardio machine and I really love it.
  2. I know where I can buy zumba shoes : at Sports Experts, Carrefour Angrignon.
  3. AND I get to tell the whole class where they can buy them.
  4. I may be going to Québec earlier in the day than expected to give a training to another institution about what I work with. So…
  5. I will travel alone. I like my colleagues but if I can spend time alone on a train and in Québec, wouhou !!
  6. I will be able to go to ChocoMusée Erico earlier than I thought.
  7. I will get to settle in earlier.
  8. Tofu. I just love tofu. At the moment I have greek tofu (seems to be like feta cheese), garam masala tofu, ginger tofu.
  9. Easter is in two weeks which means I will finally be able to eat chocolate.
  10. I spent Sunday afternoon with C. and we walked and talked. I got to tell her how the party we went to in February made me feel.
  11. My boyfriend is the sweetest, most caring, most incredible and handsome man I know.
  12. I sent my second homework to the tutor.
  13. I found a laptop bag !! Well, I’m addicted to Lug and in the last two months I bought a camera case, a laptop sleeve, another bag and now the laptop bag. I am grateful they exist and grateful I have money to buy everything.

5 réflexions sur “Grateful Monday

  1. Ooh, what sort of shoes did you get for Zumba? I have been thinking about getting a pair for class (that is, non-running shoes) and would love some advice.

    I can’t wait for you to try the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. 🙂

    • pandabox33 dit :

      I haven’t gotten the shoes yet but the ones recommended by the instructor are Nike Zoom Sister or One+ and they have it at a mall not too far. I’m going to get a pair. They’re light, and smallish, not cross-trainers or shoes for jogging or step. I’m getting them soon.

      I can’t wait either. They are calling my name from the cupboard.

      • Ooh, thanks! I will check those out. I’ve heard good things about the Nike Musique for Zumba too. Hope your day’s going well!

  2. Julie dit :

    What’s thebest shoes for zumba. I have been trying to get an idea as I plan on starting classes next week. Everyone says cross trainers work and they aslo say to stay away from dance shoes as those can damage your feet. What do you suggest?

    • My instructor says that the best shoes are dance shoes : Nike Zoom Sister. I bought those but they do not hurt my feet, they hurt my knees. So I think that the pair I used to wear is better and they were Nike Air. They are less heavy and the sole is less thick than cross trainers which do not slip enough to do zumba. Cross trainers are too heavy, the sole is too thick, they kind of grip the floor so it is really not good for the knees when you have to twist and move fast.

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