Sunday’s Toilet

It’s weird that Icomleavwe is starting on the day of my toilet of the day post. Hep.

To spare you I am presenting the public toilets of Complexe Desjardins. Instead of the ones from the sushi place I had planned.  If you want to display their web site in English (or any web site in Canada and Québec), a link is supposed to always be present at the top right of the screen to make sure the web site is in the language you prefer. Canada is bilingual so most of the web sites are like this (not personal web sites).

Complexe Desjardins is ont of the only commercial malls that have an official Santa Claus. I have met him and even in fall and spring he looks like Santa.


This is what I like best from their public restroom. The colors ! Aren’t the tiles nice ? Instead of pink or blue, they chose to go with more neutral colors and it makes everything more classy.

Another favorite : auto-flush toilets. The Complexe is very popular and situated downtown. Lots of families, lots of shoppers, so an auto-flush is very appreciated. It assures us that we won’t change toilets five times before finding one that has been flushed. People are weird like that, they don’t flush and they don’t clean up their pee all over the toilet seat. Beurk.

Clean toilet, a bit of paper, nice lighting and water everywhere around the sinks. Not so bad.

This public toilet was all right ! It was near closing time so it might explain the water and papers but it wasn’t as bad as some of the other ones I presented before or even the ones I didn’t show yet.

It’s a bit tight though to squeeze between people washing their hands and the doors. The hand dryers are of the category force 10 which means the skin of your hands go under your hands because it blasts hot air.


7 réflexions sur “Sunday’s Toilet

  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I read your summary ICLW and now this one on the public toilet! I love it!! Such a great idea, I will definitely pay more attention from now on.

    Happy ICLW week to you too, Fran ICLW #14

  2. oneladyintheworld dit :

    Oh j’adore les petits carreaux, j’ai hâte que tu ailles à celle du complexe des ailes, c’est ma favorite, en plus le savon sent bon 🙂

  3. culinspiration dit :

    This is really funny. I think you should be a public restroom consultant for companies!

  4. Years ago, I wanted to start a blog that ranked public restrooms, but I got distracted by infertility. But, my favorite are the Atlanta airport restrooms–they have free tampons, though I don’t remember how clean they were (maybe the free tampons were used as a distraction).

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