You Capture : Reaching

This week, the You Capture challenge is Quiet.

This week’s challenge is Reaching.

Reaching…reaching…reaching. Hmmm.

Reaching for perfection…and missing. I adapted a tart recipe to make this pie but I should’ve checked other recipes. Still has a good enough taste to put on vanilla ice cream.

I have been reaching for satisfaction with food…reaching for the perfect fried calamaris (found them see!) and I have been reaching for love and found it. I baked cupcakes for my boyfriend’s birthday.

At the moment I’m reaching for calm at work, amusement with my TV series, sex on Saturdays and maybe on Sundays…


7 réflexions sur “You Capture : Reaching

  1. Well that does it….I have ben craving sweets all afternoon and now that I have read your post I will have to go bake the banana cake I have been wanting to make.

    • pandabox33 dit :

      Hehe Banana cake is not sweets, it’s made with bananas so it’s considered a fruity snack. 🙂

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