You Capture : Hopeful

This is a picture I took in Westmount while I was walking with my boyfriend. Isn’t it making you hopeful that spring and summer are coming ? You know, I don’t tire of saying it, beaches open in 4 months.🙂

Westmount, Summer 2009

It’s also making me think of vacations, retirement, reading, wind, soft soft sun on my skin, well-being, relaxation, aaaah. I can almost feel it.

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5 réponses à “You Capture : Hopeful

  1. That’s very pretty!

  2. Oh, I am so looking forward to spring too!

  3. Oh that is divine! I can totally picture myself relaxing in that chair (with ample amount of bug spray on).
    Beautiful shot!

    • pandabox33

      I don’t think you’ll need bugspray but if you are afraid of bees, you might not want to sit there ! We don’t have many bugs in Montreal.

  4. Oh, that makes me want to grab a book and settle down for a nice indulgent read. Bring on the longer days and warm weather!