My 10 in March 2010

I had done it in January but I skipped it in February because I was lazy. I even had an alert in my Outlook and I kept snoozing it.

  • Read Going Bovine and Rumors. — Started Going Bovine, I’m at half of Rumors. Finished Rumors and loved it but it ends terribly, I have no choice to read Envy to know if things eventually go well. Stopped Going Bovine, I lost interest.
  • Call my grandma
  • Blog about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies : Dawn of the Dreadfuls.
  • Go for a walk and take pictures
  • Buy shelves for the office so we can go on with our lives — Elles sont choisies chez Ikea et je devrais les acheter à la fin du mois, le 27 ! We bought one shelf and we are waiting for the others to be available at the store.
  • File taxes
  • Finish my 2nd homework for psychology class (I have done half)
  • Be happy and joyful at the Dragon Rouge at my boyfriend’s birthday (I hate the restaurant but it’s my boyfriend’s favorite)
  • Let my boyfriend kiss me very publicly at said restaurant (I hate public displays of affection with tongue) Not my fault we didn’t go to Dragon Rouge. I still did the last two at Dia y note.
  • Go at the gym to weight train once a week –– 4 down

4 réflexions sur “My 10 in March 2010

  1. I love your list & your idea of « 10 in March 2010 » – makes me think of what my 10 should be… then again, it’s stressing me out! 🙂 Maybe my 10 would be: relax, relax, relax, etc…

    • pandabox33 dit :

      And they don’t have to be difficult so it’s not too daunting. 🙂

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