Friday Leftovers

  • I feel like a truck crushed me on the road, I’m so tired.
  • I ate way too much at supper. I went to Saint-Hubert with a friend. Roll me. I’m that full. We had fun. I like seeing her.
  • Tomorrow morning is pilates and then I do homework.
  • I’m always thinking about my future vacations. Time off from work will do so much good. Electronic resources is Sysyphe’S work, it’s never done. I’m good with never done but it’s just never done.
  • How much money is too much for a hotel room in high season ?

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10 réflexions sur “Friday Leftovers

    • pandabox33 dit :

      I’m going to…my living room ! Hehe I have a few days at the start of April and I’ll be spending time home with my boyfriend, I will also go at my parent’s to be away from Montreal a few days. At the end of April and this summer, I’m going to Québec city. Train tickets are only 99$!!
      During Lent, no fries (sniff). But I ate a pouding chômeur ! St Hubert, hm hm. Maybe there is one in Florida ? So many Quebecquers go there in winter that I heard they have a Jean Coutu.

  1. Have fun at pilates. I think that double the slow season rate is about all I would pay for high season at a hotel. Great deal on the train ticket.

  2. Being run over by a truck is a pretty good way of describing my exhaustion as well. I want a week’s long nap!

    Thanks for playing along this week! 🙂

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