Show and Tell 13

Show and Tell is wasted on elementary schoolers. Join several dozen bloggers weekly to show off an item, tell a story, and get the attention of the class. In other words, this is Show and Tell 2.0.

Last Sunday, I went to the library before going to Super C (frozen Ristorante pizzas were sold at 2.77$, a bargain and they’re my favorite). The library had called to say a book was ready for me and there were in fact three books for me and I ended taking out many others. Anywhoo. On the way to go to Super C, I stopeed at ItsyBitsy. I wanted a cupcake for my Show and Tell !

It’s a vanilla-coco cupcake. In the afternoon, all that was left were either vanilla cupcakes or chocolate ones. Since I give up chocolate for Lent, I couldn’t try the Smores cupcake or the chocolate-caramel cupcake. I asked them to decorate it so it would be pretty. They added pink sparkle and flowers.

ItsyBitsy is one of the few places in Montreal where they have those cute cupcakes. Unfortunately, I have not found any place that had THE most delicious cupcakes…except in Halifax. 🙂 It’s a bit far to get my sugar fix even if my friend works near the place and it would be great to spend time at Susie’s Shortbreads on break. In Montreal, the cupcakes I tasted were either dry, not sweet enough, or tasted like Duncan Hines which is the case of those cupcakes. Petits Gâteaux has the most beautiful cupcakes and the prettiest shop but they taste like box cake and box cake is great but not when it’s the taste of cupcakes that should be homemade and that cost near 3$ each.

I put my cupcake on this plate which was given to me by my mom when she came back from Paris last year. Porcelaine with a coquelicot drawing, the colors are striking and the design along the edge is delicate and feminine. I love that plate.

Now, go over at Mel’s to see what others are showing.


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  1. what a positively charming blog.
    i haven’t thought about cupcakes in years.
    when i was a kid [in baltimore, md] there was a bakery called silbur’s. they had the most amazing baked goods. they had this apparatus hanging from the ceiling that dispensed string … everything you bought was placed in a box and tied with string.
    in this fast-paced world of technological advances [including grocery stores with tiny bakery departments that are self-serve or franchise coffee places with mass production’s idea of baked treats] it’s nice to see a cupcake like the one you bought. what a reflection of another time. i hope it tasted divine!

    • pandabox33 dit :

      Oh it did ! It did the job at the time : looking pretty enough for a picture and tasting like coconut, a light snack before I continued my afternoon. 🙂

  2. Love cupcakes and the flowers on top!! And I gave up chocolate for Lent too so I usualy end up tasting a lot of caramel & strawberry flavored stuff this time of year!

    Pretty pic – thanks for sharing! I’m going to do show & tell next week & can’t wait to show off a new closet system that we’re finishing up this weekend!! Yay for home projects!

  3. How cute! I’m not a cupcake-y person, but do like one every now and then, and this is one looks good! Love the sparkles!! And your plate is lovely! Your mom did good!

  4. When I was in NYC last year we found this little place that made the most amazing cupcakes… but I couldn’t believe the price! $40 for a dozen. I couldn’t believe that!

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