You Capture : Shapes

Oval shape

This week’s You Capture challenge at I should be folding laundry is shapes ! Yhis is the shape I found : oval.

I discovered grenade apples this winter. I had never eaten any, it was too intimidating. Then I found seeds already out of the apple and I fell in love. This is my first You Capture. 🙂


11 réflexions sur “You Capture : Shapes

  1. a dit :

    I was stumped for a minute, but dredging up my high school French, I’m guessing that grenade apple is the literal translation of pomegranate! I’m going to have to look up that word origin now!

    Great picture!

    • pandabox33 dit :

      Yes I think I just translated word for word. In French we call them pomme grenade or pomegrenate. Mostly grenade. Thank you !

  2. Just tried a pomegranate for the first time a few months ago…and I’m 27. Kind of sad. Didn’t particularly like it…but it was fun to play with and eat with my two year old.

    Nice shot!

  3. Mmmm I LOVE pomegranates. I wait all year long until they come into season! Pomegranate wine is delicious as well.
    Great capture!

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