La toilette du dimanche

This is the Grande bibliothèque’s restroom, the busiest one at street level. Being a public library and a national one, it is highly frequented by the public from families, kids, general public to homeless people who just want to sit down in a warm place.

I don’t think I have seen this box in another restroom in the library. The library is situated in an area of the city where there is lots of movement. Drugs are everywhere in general but this part of the city is where I have seen the most syringes. The kindergarten kids even have a song about when you see a syringe you tell an adult and you don’t touch it. In some other libraries in other parts of the city, they just change the lighting. They put a blue light and then you can’t see your veins. So noone goes there to shoot up.

As you can see on this door, the cleaning crew has lots to do to keep the place clean. Lots of people means more graffitti and more water around the sinks, more paper on the floor.

This particular restroom is the stinkiest of the library. It smells like a mix of sewer, cover-up perfume and pee. Charming, right ? The library personnel sure has lots to do to keep the place classy.


5 réflexions sur “La toilette du dimanche

  1. Yikes!!! That is different. I can honestly say that in the US, I haven’t seen blue lights in the libraries (though this is interesting, maybe they should use them at the city’s fast food restaurants and gas stations too), nor have I seen syringe/needleboxes at any public restrooms either. Thanks for the education!!! Happy ICLW!

    • pandabox33 dit :

      There even is a place where drug addicts can shoot up securely not far from where I work. They give them clean needles and a secure environment. Needles are disposed of and don’t end up on playgrounds or on the street or garbages.

  2. Maybe they need to start privatizing them like Le WC in Paris. Or have a full time attendant, which might create extra jobs (although not glamorous ones). I somehow think that the presence of someone in the restroom might prevent people from messing it up so bad.

  3. wow, i don’t think i have ever put that much thought into a bathroom, and i have been into some pretty sketchy ones. you are a writer i am going to have to follow!

    happy ilcw!

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