Samedi en Forme

This week was okay, not so sore from starting the gym again after two weeks of nothing. But my back hurts from sitting too long reading my damned psychopathology book.

Sunday : Toning and a 30 minutes walk.

Monday : Zumba

Wednesday : Maybe 40 minutes walk

Tuesday : Pilates

Friday : 20-30 minutes walk

Saturday : Pilates

The resolution that is hard to keep up is weighing myself. I’m not used to it so I rarely think about it. I didn’t weigh myself today. Maybe I was too busy getting there and making sure I was in class in time or I was too busy thinking about taking a shower. I don’t shower at the Y on the weekends, I shower at home. But I subscribed to the towel service this week so when I got the towel, I started to think…welll…since I have the towel and all my shower stuff is in bag, I might as well. A very complex thought process. Bref, I forgot to weigh myself. I’ll do it tomorrow before toning or Monday morning before zumba.

Update : 173 lbs all dressed with the running shoes